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Poetic Perspectives. Exhibition @ THE MIYAKO YOSHINAGA GALLERY, 23-30.08.18

Olga invites you to visit the Exhibition Poetic Perspectives and see

her works @ The Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery on 23-30.08.18

Poetic Perspectives presents a selection of international artists whose enigmatic, contemplative and powerful works respond to issues surrounding the human experience, creative journey and poetic narrative. Broadly curated yet intricately connected, each artist’s work conveys an atmosphere of personal history, narrative and intuitive vision. Curated and presented by visual arts agency Art Productions New York, the exhibit tells a story of everyday existence, relationships, places and experiences. Within this presentation of art, the viewer is given a unique opportunity to explore the scope of perception and perspective in all its forms.

Unconfined by definitions, each of the works in the exhibition has been carefully selected for their commitment to creativity, poetic narrative and artistic vision. The exhibition breaks with the norm and invites the viewers to roam in a field where the poetic handling of subjectivity and material is of primary focus. Poetic Perspectives seeks to eliminate the boundaries of memory, history and geography (within creativity) in order to make a state of true poetic perspective possible. With a dynamic assortment of stylistic and thematic conclusions, the artists and their work remain connected by their reflective and poetic nature. Creating a visual pause, each work allows the audience the ideal environment to contemplate the artist’s perspective.



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